Everything you need to know about Reefer services in Bakersfield CA

Reefer services are also famous as Refegirator container services. You might be thinking what this service is for? Round containers with a refrigerator? Well, no this is not what you are imagining. A refrigerator container is one of the six different kinds of shipping containers utilized in freight forwarding. Although they resemble conventional containers, but in reality, they are big refrigerators that can regulate the climate of the cargo. They are therefore perfect for moving items like medicines, dairy products, vegetables, meat, seafood (frozen or fresh), fruits, flowers, and juices.

Refrigerator container is made according to different usage. There are generally three kinds of refrigerator containers:
● Closed Refer
● Automatic Fresh Air Management Containers (AFAM)
● Modified or Controlled Atmosphere (MA/CA)

Closed Reefer: The most basic category of reefer is the closed reefer. This style of reefer has an integral front shell and is composed of one piece. It can be utilized with any seagoing container which complies with ISO standards due to the inbuilt heating and cooling equipment.

Automatic Fresh Air Management Containers (AFAM): Currently, the most advanced reefer containers on the market are AFAM containers. This is actually an improved version of MA/CA containers. This kind of container can perfectly control the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide by adjusting the fresh air rate of exchange, utilizing a variety of sensors, which significantly increases the life span of the cargo therein.

Modified or Controlled Atmosphere (MA/CA): Modified or controlled atmosphere containers have improved insulation and that’s why one can easily recognize the difference between them and closed reefers. So to keep the internal atmosphere constant they have special air exchange controllers to replace oxygen utilized while ensuring the atmosphere matches cargo standards during the whole journey.

If you are running a company in Bakersfield, CA and it deals with perishable items then Reefer services will probably play a vital role in your supply chain. Reefer services have effectively competed for trade over the past decade, and the market share of reefer containers has grown quickly. Here are some of the benefits you will get by applying reefer services in Bakersfield, CA:

● Since they are self-contained refrigeration units, they frequently don’t need to be placed in cold storage when they arrive at their location.
● Due to their availability in a range of dimensions, they may be transported by road, water, or air.
● They can be divided into many sections that operate at various temperatures. This makes it possible to store chilled and frozen products in the very same container.
● They can function in challenging environmental conditions and thus are long-lasting.
● Different carriers are capable of moving them. Compared to specialized reefer ships, this provides more financial stability and a quicker return on investment.
● By moving cool air around, they can guarantee a longer life span for their products and stop them from ripening or decaying too soon.
● They offer a tracking system. Businesses must currently share information with customers and third parties. Every step of the shipment process is tracked due to tracking services that are integrated into it. Companies are able to deliver information in real-time to various stakeholders.
If you are running any farming or medical business, then transporting your products with the help of Reefer services is the perfect choice to increase your profits.