Fresh and Safe Shipping of Your Refrigerated Goods

The market for frozen transportation services has expanded largely in response to the overall development of international trade and the variety of commodities being shipped. Many experts are predicting that this market will continue to rise. Refrigerated freight transportation includes transporting items over any distance while sticking to a particular temperature range.

The consumer quality of commodities does not change because of the specially made trucks, and rotting and cargo loss are avoided as a result. This mode of transportation is in high demand in a variety of industries, including food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. We assist our customers in making the most of refrigerated shipping. We can send your refrigerated transport from Bakersfield, Ca to almost every address in America because of our large network.

The Advantages of Refrigerated Transportation

• The most obvious advantage of refrigerated transportation is that it prevents things from spoiling and losing value during transit. This is valid not just for food goods like produce, meat, and dairy, but also for other essential goods like health products and medicines.

• Refrigerated transportation allows items that have to be carried from point A to point B under frozen temperatures more quickly and safely than other forms of transportation. As a result, high-demand goods, such as perishable meat and fish, depend on refrigerated shipping.

• Another main advantage of temperature-controlled cargo in Bakersfield, Ca is the protection of your products and supplies. The trailer is better fitted to defend against spoiling, damage (from temperature variations), and different weather conditions influenced by the nature and fragility of the goods being transported.

• While refrigerated transportation needs more maintenance to keep a consistent temperature, workers benefit from the additional protection reefers give. They are better fitted to protect perishable items from spoiling and damage since they are designed to transport considerably more sensitive cargo such as perishable items.

• To reduce damage and spoiling in the refrigerated transportation industry, commodities must be managed, maintained, loaded, and unloaded appropriately. Because logistics companies, food processing facilities, and supermarket chains handle thousands of pounds of goods every day, they are usually well-organized and efficient. This greatly simplifies loading and unloading. Refrigerated transportation is likewise in great demand since it charges higher rates and eliminates deadhead mileage.

Frequently Asked Refrigerated Trucking Questions:

1. Is it possible to ship items that do not require temperature control in refrigerated trucks?

Yes, refrigerated trucks are more than enough for carrying items that do not require freezing temperatures, and this is a very common practice as well.

2. Is it necessary to pack temperature-controlled products in a different way?

Because of the temperature restrictions and the easily damaging nature of the items, good packing is important. If you have any questions about packaging requirements, please refer to the shipping rules.

3. Is LTL shipping doable with refrigerated trucking?

Sure. Temperature-controlled LTL services are available throughout much of North America, making LTL shipping a very common operation in refrigerated transportation.