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CDL Hiring in Bakersfield

At our organization, we are looking for people to manage a team and a unit. Your job will be of a working supervisor who’d often be required to travel between locations. You will have to manage your colleagues and hire and train new CDL workers on a daily basis. Further, you’ll need to monitor the daily CL operations in the organization. Your job description includes the following aspects:

1. Supervising employees who transport cargo from one place to another.

2. Overseeing how the loading and unloading operations in a vehicle take place.

3. Scheduling drivers and assigning routes to ensure maximum productivity.

The job role doesn’t give the person authority to take actions for or against the personnel. The manager needs to have relevant experience and qualifications to handle the job. As a supervisor, you need to ensure safety and regulations compliance by the staff. It’s crucial to enforce accident prevention policies by enlightening the drivers about the same.

The job relates to administering the job performance review and merit-related programs, Management Information and Policy manual, etc. The person will have to maintain coordination between the team or work unit to ensure no delivery suffers. Minimum 1 or 2 years of experience is preferable.