Know these things before going for Truck driver jobs in Bakersfield


Canada is a place famous for the transportation industry across the world. The trucking sector contributes significantly to this nation’s economy. With nearly 63.7 million shipments, the industry generated nearly 39.55 billion Canadian dollars in 2018. And this number has been continuously rising every year.

There are several professions that are currently in extremely high demand, and all these sectors are having difficulty finding appropriate workers to try and meet their demands. The trucking sector in Canada is in extremely high demand at the current moment. There is a dearth of qualified drivers to fill the available positions and other market sectors. If you are thinking to look for Truck driver jobs in Bakersfield, its important you know these things:

● License and certain documents are must-have: Whether you are an immigrant or a Canadian you must have to go through some legal procedures to become a truck driver in the nation.
○ You must have a secondary school certificate.
○ In some companies, it could be necessary to complete a three-month recognized driver education program at a community college or vocational institution.
○ If you are driving straight-body trucks then you must have a Class 3 or D license.
○ In the case of long-driving combination trucks, one requires either a Class 1 or A license.
○ Drivers operating air brake-equipped vehicles must have the air brake endorsement (Z).
○ Drivers transporting hazardous items or dangerous goods must possess a Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certification.
○ To operate articulated trucks, you may need to have extra certifications or licensing endorsement.

Truck driver jobs in Bakersfield

● Fluent communication skills are crucial: You must work closely with several people as a truck driver like dispatchers, managers, and clients. Fluent communication ability can help you address specific concerns and delivery difficulties. All updates and messages must be sent promptly and professionally. It will not only benefit the business, but it will also create trust among customers. One’s communication ability will improve as a result of taking truck driving training.

● Safety is always the priority: Whether you are driving a semi-truck or a public one driving a truck is always dangerous, so it’s very important to put safety as a priority role. You are only said to be a professional and reliable driver if you do the following things:
○ Always follow the rules and regulations of the DOT
○ Pre-trip inspection on the go.
○ Proper trip planning
○ Last but not least always stick to proper process while conducting unloads.

● Beware of sexual harassment: If you are a woman, it will not an easy task for you to become a truck driver. On some trips, you might get stalked by others so before learning this driving first learn basic safety tricks to fight back if ever any situation occurs.

● Must have a clean record: Well that’s a crucial necessity. A clean record leads to confidence, trust, and reliability of the company towards you.

Hence, you are well aware of the essential points, it’s time to look forward to the opportunity.