Freight shipping is a daunting task. Well, you might be aware of this fact if you’re in this business. These mistakes can have an adverse impact on the final output of your company.

People end up getting into pitfalls that cost time and money. These silly mistakes can cost you a lot for your business. They make the experience so much more disappointing for the clients.

Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid in freight shipping services.


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● Wrong Packaging

Packaging is the most important when it comes to freight shipping services. Your products require a lot of effort and time. And it’s not worth it if you screw up its packaging.

Customers won’t be happy with your service and will turn over to others. Make sure to use robust packaging materials like stretch wrap and bands with cushioning. They will ensure that the product is safe until it reaches the customer.

● Cheapest Freight Rates

Most people look for cheap freight rates for their businesses. Yet, you can’t swear on the services of those who offer cheap rates. When you look for freight shipping companies, price won’t be an issue.

Despite this, you should discover its track record, experience and reviews. If you wish to invest in freight shipping services in Bakersfield, try Roadies Inc.

● Not Palletizing

We agree palletizing does take a lot of time and effort. But it is better than a loose stack of packages that will end up damaged. Further, many companies permit you to ship without using a pallet.

If you ask them to palletize your product, it will add to the cost. Thus, you can avoid it by doing this on your own. So, make sure you consider this while shipping the product.

● Putting Up The Wrong Address

Many people have faced this issue, and it’s kind of annoying. This is another silly mistake that can lead to late shipment of your products. The wrong address means it will reach the wrong place. All of this will waste your time, cost and reputation as well.

● Ignoring Insurance

You must be ready for hard times such as accidents, theft, or natural disasters. It can affect your business differently. Have insurance at your beck and call to help you deal with such a situation.

● Overpaying

This is one of the common mistakes which people often make. They don’t have a clue about the pricing for the shipping charges. Yet, you can steer clear of it by investing in Roadies Inc.

The company has been around for years, and you can count on it. They put efforts to offer the best services to their customers. Therefore, you can consider them without any doubt.

● Not Telling Your Priorities

When you hire a freight forwarder to make the process easy, you need to put up your needs first. If they don’t have any idea of your priorities, they can’t fit your needs. Make them aware of your goals; they will help you in a better way.


These are the common faults that people often get into. Make sure to avoid them when you ship your products. It will lead you to happy clients and a growing business.