Many new drivers make big errors in their first few days and months on the road. Too many mistakes might lead to catastrophe for a new driver. Or at the very minimum, they risk becoming stressed.

Drivers who leave the site without semi-truck roadside assistance, for example, risk becoming stranded in a strange place with no one to help them for miles. On other occasions, drivers get overconfident and cause huge truck accidents.

Many negative events, however, may be prevented with speedy judgment and information. Here are some frequent judgments of errors they make as explained by a trucking company in Bakersfield.

A Dangerous Driving Mindset

Attitude is an important part that has to be addressed, as many young drivers view their next trip as yet another trip, rather than as a job that, if completed safely and properly, will allow them to stay in the business for that much longer. Realizing that driving is based on mutual respect (we must respect all other drivers on the road and they must respect us) and not putting issues with others outside the vehicle.

Inability to Remain Watchful and Aware

Most young drivers tend to be ignorant of the realities of tiredness and the influence it can have on their lives over the course of their short hours of travel. Fatigue can be a fatal issue for many drivers, particularly long-distance truckers. Mobile phones have quickly become one of the single greatest risks when driving.

The Best Trucking Company in Bakersfield says that drivers must understand the risks of texting and chatting while driving, and operators must promote this culture by developing effective means of communicating with drivers that do not increase risk.

Driving Too Fast

Beginner drivers must always drive with as much caution as the conditions require. Don’t be anxious about how other drivers are behaving, and keep in mind that a crash will slow you down far more than lower speeds. Descending speed should be approached with caution. Downshifting becomes extremely hard as you pick up speed, which makes slowing down difficult.

Avoiding Traffic Signs

GPS systems are useful, but they can be unreliable at times. They may direct you down a one-way street or fail to alert you of an upcoming speed limit change. However, signs can inform you of these things, so pay more attention to what the road says to you.

A clearance marker is the very worst indicator you can overlook. You won’t fit if it says you won’t. However, many vehicles try their luck just to become trapped.

Worrying About Changing Lanes

If you must change lanes, do it quickly and when there is sufficient space. Otherwise, the best option is to just wait. Sure, you could be trapped behind a driver travelling 10 miles per hour with their turn signal on, but moving into the fast lane might be dangerous for both you and approaching vehicles if there isn’t enough space.

Don’t be concerned about cars merging. Most of them notice you going up the ramp and are faster than you, so you won’t have to move at all. Slow down if necessary, and switch lanes as the last option.


The safest way to avoid being a victim in the trucking industry is to remain vigilant, aware, and cautious. By following these truck driver safety rules, you can also do that.