Things one should know about CDL Hiring in Bakersfield

California growing import and export business is leading to more job opportunities for truck drivers. If you are thinking to gain and establish a position in the trucking sector, then it’s the right time to get a CDL as a truck driver and start earning. While it is a tough industry, obtaining a CDL has many advantages and gives your career the much-needed jumpstart. Enrolling in a truck driving school training program should be your first move toward a job within the commercial driving business.

You might be thinking about how to gain a CDL, what are its requirements, and what are the
ways to find a job after receiving your CDL. Here is some information that will clear all your doubts related to CDL:

The CDL eligibility criteria for the National Level

It’s crucial to understand that you must satisfy both state and federal norms while applying for a CDL. For CDL drivers nationwide, the following federal regulations apply:

● Minimum age of 18 is required for intrastate trucking.
● To drive a truck carrying hazardous products or for interstate transportation, you must be at least 21 years old.
● Also one must have no criminal records as that could also disqualify one from obtaining a CDL.

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Set THE CDL requirement for your state

As the state is in charge of obtaining your license, you must next be aware of its CDL regulations. Even though they can differ, the following are frequently needed:

● Show identification documentation.
● Your 10-year driving history should be made known.
● Ensure that you fit the medical requirements for a CDL.
● Complete the written and practical tests.
● Pay the road test charge, which ranges in price from $50 to $200.
● Finish a program of professional training.

Remember that you are only permitted to have a single CDL at a period. Before changing the CDL to a different place, if you pass state borders or hope to work in some other state, you must familiarise yourself with the regulations of the new state.

Clear the written test and road skill test to gain the CLP

You must obtain a valid CLP before driving as a professional. Clearing a written knowledge test for the CDL class of your preference will enable you to do this. You can obtain a license in each of the following categories across all states:

● Class A: A car being towed with a trailer that weighs more than 10,000 pounds and has a GWVR of over 26,000 pounds.
● Class B: GWVR exceeding 26,000 pounds and a maximum towing vehicle weight of no more than 10,000 pounds.
● Class C: Commercial vehicle with a capacity of at least 16 passengers or dangerous materials.

A minimum of 14 days after receiving your CLP, you are eligible to drive on-road and pass the CDL skills test. You might need to take one or more additional road tests to finish the process if you apply for endorsements.

Check your state’s criteria if you feel you need additional practice. The majority of CLPs are only good between 60 – 180 days, so make sure you finish testing before that time.

After passing all the tests and requirements, you can easily use your CDL. Start looking for companies that are CDL hiring in Bakersfield.