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For years, Roadies Inc has proudly stood at the forefront of top trucking companies in Bakersfield. Our reputation isn’t just built on miles driven; it’s founded on a commitment to consistently exceed our customers’ high expectations. Our unwavering dedication to value creation and cutting-edge technology sets us apart in the transportation industry. Welcome to a world where continuous improvement drives every mile we cover.

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Top Trucking Company in Bakersfield

Driven by Innovation: Technology Meets Transport

Roadies Inc is more than a trucking company; we’re trailblazers in transportation technology. We leverage the latest innovations to optimize routes, enhance tracking, and ensure the safety and security of your cargo. When you choose Roadies Inc, you’re partnering with a team that merges technology and transport seamlessly.

24/7 Reliable Support

Your business never sleeps, and neither do we. With our round-the-clock availability, you have a partner who’s always there to address your concerns, answer your questions, and provide quick solutions. When you choose Roadies Inc, you choose a partner that’s with you every step of the way.

Precision in Performance

Our experienced staff takes the wheel of your deliveries, ensuring they arrive safely and on time. From monitoring pickups to maintaining clear communication with carriers, we uphold stringent on-time performance standards that align with your expectations.

Profitability Enhancement

We understand that profitability is a crucial aspect of your business. That’s why we negotiate the best carrier rates possible, striving to increase your bottom line. With Roadies Inc, you not only get reliable transportation; you get a partner dedicated to boosting your profitability.

Transparency and Control

Stay in the driver’s seat even when your cargo is on the road. Our asset tracking and online visibility tools empower you with real-time insights into your shipments. You can monitor progress, anticipate arrival times, and maintain complete control over your logistics.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Your cargo deserves the utmost care. That’s why we support and enforce your policies for high-value and food-grade items. With Roadies Inc, you can trust that your cargo will be treated with the respect and attention to detail it deserves.

Bakersfield: Our Home, Our Expertise

Nestled in the heart of California, Bakersfield is more than just a location for us – it’s our home. Our deep understanding of the region’s nuances and challenges uniquely positions us to provide tailored solutions that cater to the local landscape while leveraging our global reach.




Discover why Roadies Inc is the trusted choice among premier trucking companies in Bakersfield. Apply for a truck driver position or partner with us to unlock transportation-related services that redefine reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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One of the best trucking company roadies inc . Great pay & quality work. Dispatch team is very helpful and available 24x7. 👌👌👌👌👌
Dewinder Singh
Dewinder Singh
Kaint bnde ne saare ure
Bhindranwala Sher
Bhindranwala Sher
Great company especially RajAnd Avie and Sam, Used to work in this place but I screwup with them but other than that great truck’s great work place.
SAIF Alsaedi
SAIF Alsaedi
Good place to work at
Not a Pedophile -
Not a Pedophile -