These risks are significantly decreased when your items are transported in a trailer because they are covered, sealed, and secured. You don’t have to worry about weather, snow, or wind even if the cargo is far away. Your possessions will be secure, so you can rest easy.

Trailer Transport Services Bakersfield

Welcome aboard Roadies Inc., your go-to trailer company in Bakersfield

We take pride in being your unwavering companion. Our mission is to deliver transportation solutions that are not just efficient, but consistently reliable, ensuring your precious cargo reaches its intended destination both safely and promptly. What sets us apart is our firm dedication to quality service and an unrelenting commitment to your satisfaction. When you choose us, you’re selecting the premier trailer shipping in Bakersfield for all your transportation requirements.

Expertise You Can Count On

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of trailer shipping in Bakersfield CA, we have honed our expertise to guarantee that your cargo is in safe hands.

Trailer Services

Types of Trailer Services We Transport

When it comes to trailer transport services, Roadies Inc. is a premier trucking in Bakersfield CA that offers a diverse array of options tailored to meet your unique cargo needs;

Enclosed Trailers

Certain cargo demands an extra level of care and protection. That’s where our enclosed trailers come in. Our enclosed specialized trailers are designed to shield your valuable items from the elements and potential theft. Whether it’s high-end electronics, delicate furniture, or other valuable goods, you can trust us to provide top-tier protection.

Open-Air Trailers

For more robust cargo like bulk items, construction materials, or equipment, our open-air trailers are the cost-effective solution you need. These trailers are versatile, accommodating a wide range of cargo types, and they offer the advantage of budget-friendly transportation. Don’t worry about overspending on transportation costs; we’ve got your back with our open-air trailers. Your cargo will be securely and efficiently transported to its destination without breaking the bank.

Car Trailers

Your vehicles deserve the utmost care during transport, and that’s precisely what our car trailers provide. Whether you need to move a car, a motorbike, or anything in between, Roadies Inc. has the right trailers in Bakersfield for the job. They are specially designed to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your valuable vehicles. You can trust us to handle your wheels with the same care and attention you’d give them yourself.

Flatbed Trailers

Sometimes, cargo doesn’t fit neatly into standard trailers. That’s where our flatbed trailers shine. These versatile trailers are ideal for transporting oversized or irregularly shaped items. Whether you’re moving construction equipment, heavy machinery, or other challenging cargo, our flatbed trailers can handle the job. At Roadies Inc., we’re experts at securely fastening and transporting even the most challenging loads, so you can trust us with your oversized cargo.
Trailer Services

Why Choose Roadies Inc.
for Trailer Services in Bakersfield

For unmatched trailer shipping in Bakersfield CA, Roadies Inc. is your go-to choice. With a track record of reliability, diverse trailer options, and a commitment to excellence, we deliver transportation solutions beyond compare.

Seasoned Pros

Our team at Roadies Inc. is the backbone of our trailer transport services. They are more than just professionals; they are seasoned experts who have honed their skills through years of dedicated service. Consider them the navigators of the road, well-versed in the art of trailer transportation.

Diverse Fleet

A successful trailer transport service requires more than just expertise; it demands a versatile fleet that can adapt to various cargo requirements. That’s why, we've assembled a diverse fleet of well-maintained vehicles and trailers that are equipped to handle virtually any job. No matter the size, shape, or nature of your cargo, we have the right equipment for the task.

Safety First

When we say "Safety First," we mean it in every sense. We prioritize the safety and security of your cargo above all else. From the moment we take custody of your goods to their final delivery, every aspect of the journey is marked by stringent safety measures and protocols. Our expert team is trained to ensure that your goods are loaded, secured, and transported in a manner that minimizes the risk of damage. Moreover, our drivers are well-versed in safe driving practices, adhering to traffic laws and regulations to prevent accidents.


At Roadies Inc., we believe in keeping promises, especially when it comes to the timely delivery of your cargo. We understand that your schedule often depends on the arrival of your goods, and we take that responsibility seriously.
Our commitment to punctuality is firm. We've designed our operations to be efficient and reliable, so you can trust us to deliver your cargo on time, every time. We recognize that time is of the essence in the world of transportation, and our dedication to punctuality reflects our understanding of your urgent needs.

Transparent Pricing

We know that hidden fees and unexpected charges can be frustrating and detrimental to your budget. That's why Roadies Inc. is committed to transparent pricing. We believe in straightforward and honest pricing practices, so you'll always know what to expect from our services. Our pricing is clear and concise, reflecting the cost of our services without any hidden extras. We value your trust and aim to maintain it by offering transparent pricing that aligns with your budgetary expectations.

Customer Focus

At Roadies Inc., your satisfaction is not just a goal; it's our ultimate mission. We are genuinely customer-centric in our approach to trailer transport services. Your unique needs and expectations matter to us, and we're here to meet them. Our commitment to customer focus extends beyond simply getting your cargo from point A to point B. It encompasses your overall experience with our service, from the moment you reach out to us to the final delivery.

Licensed and Insured

When you choose Roadies Inc., you're partnering with a fully licensed and insured company. We're not just a fly-by-night operation; we're the real deal. Our licensing and insurance provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind for our clients. Being fully licensed means that we have met the legal requirements and standards set by the transportation industry and relevant authorities. It's a testament to our professionalism and commitment to operating within the law.

Nationwide Reach

While our home base is in Bakersfield, our reach extends far beyond. We take pride in offering our services in 48 states nationwide, meaning that no matter where you need us, we're ready to roll. Our nationwide reach enables us to serve a wide range of clients and accommodate transportation needs across the country. Whether you're in California, New York, or anywhere in between, you can count on Roadies Inc. for consistent and reliable trailer transport services in Bakersfield.

Other Shipping

Other Services We offer

In addition to our cross dock services, we offer a range of other essential services to meet your logistics and transportation needs:


Efficient logistics are crucial for a robust supply chain. Our services offer strategic solutions, including supply chain management, inventory control, and distribution, ensuring smooth operations beyond shipping goods.

Cross Dock

At Roadies Inc., we prioritize time and cost-saving in logistics. Cross-docking in Bakersfield streamlines shipments, reducing handling and storage times, accelerating deliveries without warehousing or extended storage needs.


Our core business is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective shipping solutions. We prioritize timely deliveries, cargo safety, and budget-friendly options for local and long-distance shipping, ensuring goods reach their destination as promised.


Our freight brokerage simplifies international shipping, handling customs paperwork, clearances, and regulatory requirements. We manage customs declarations, permits, and licenses, freeing you to focus on core business operations.


In Bakersfield, our comprehensive freight shipping services set the standard, offering hassle-free experiences for businesses. We prioritize excellence, from meticulous planning to seamless booking, tracking, and cargo management.

Ready to Roll with Roadies?

Your quest for a dependable and efficient freight shipping partner has led you to Roadies Inc., and we’re ready to make your logistics and shipping challenges a thing of the past. We don’t just offer services; we offer solutions that integrate seamlessly into your business operations, providing the peace of mind that your valuable cargo is in capable hands.

Don’t wait; get in touch with us today. Whether you want to discuss your specific shipping requirements, request a quote, or explore how our services can benefit your business in Bakersfield, CA, and beyond, we’re here to help.